The Chase

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11 Responses to The Chase

  1. Avril says:

    Wow! What a great story and excellent use of the prompt words. I love your accompanying picture too. I’m going to recommend this story for showcase. Well done.

  2. rahmr says:

    excellent work well done

  3. azads says:

    Well done

  4. chaum says:

    wow! amazing writing.

  5. begum2 says:

    what a creative story! well done

  6. miahf says:

    wow really good description

  7. ahmea1 says:

    i like your writing! I also like the suspense which you have added in your sentence

  8. Donny says:

    * I like your use of the picture at the end,
    * I like your use of the challenge words,
    /* Try to use more description
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  9. muquy says:

    :)))))) very good wow

  10. piner says:

    Good Work.

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