Welcome to our blog for 2016, Year 6 students

Welcome Class 6R!

Your task today is to put a new entry onto our blog about our amazing school journey to Gorsefield and Cambridge. (If you didn’t come with us, then we would love to know more about what you did that week back here at school).

You will have already written some ideas last week but today you will need to cut and past these ideas from Word onto our blog, then improve and add more ideas to make it the best piece of writing you can!


  • Keep your writing interesting for your audience (our school community and beyond)
  • Make sure that your writing is in full sentences with no “text speak”, slang or inappropriate language.
  • Keep yourself and those who you are talking about anonymous – it is your responsibility to make sure you and others are safe online.

I can’t wait to see what you write for your first blog entry.




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