stone people

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8 Responses to stone people

  1. hania says:

    Its good but you should use punctuation properly

  2. islay says:

    nice story, I liked it when you use the tittle.

  3. alim says:

    you have forgot about the full stops.

  4. alim says:

    you have forgot about the full stops but good work.

  5. buluh1 says:

    i like the way you described the monster. You can improve on your spellings

  6. dirik says:

    I think you did well on using the Fronted Adverbial example, One day but maybe try to be more enthusiastic when using fronted adverbials and maybe work on your spellings for eye’s you aid eys

  7. islat1 says:

    You described the evil person

  8. ahmes says:

    i think you need to work on using full stops and using punctuation correctly.

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